save money and get a jump on summer - plan your pool and outdoor living space now

To help you get started, we are offering our comprehensive, 3-D, professionally drawn project designs free to customers who contact us by 3/2/2020 and partner with us to complete their project.

Get in touch now to discuss the options and begin planning your outdoor space. There's absolutely no obligation to start the conversation. 🙂

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why should you start building your pool and outdoor living area while it's (technically) still winter?

Oh, so many reasons...

  • So it's ready when it does warm up for good. On average, it takes between 45-60 days to finalize a design and obtain permits, etc. before we can even START the job. Getting things rolling now ensures your space will be ready just in time.
  • Your project might be completed a bit faster than usual. Landscape design firms and pool builders naturally have less business when it’s cooler outside. This could mean an overall build-time that’s shorter because labor and resources are more available industry-wide.
  • The landscaping likes it. Trees and plants are typically dormant during the colder months. This reduces transplant shock during planting and increases the likelihood of thriving.
  • Your design plan and 3-D renderings will be FREE!

start now, save money, enjoy sooner

get started on your inground pool now and receive a custom design plan entirely free

Careful planning and thoughtful design is a big deal at Outdoor Elements.  We don’t just sketch your ideas out on a piece of paper or use software that generates a dazzling, but useless plan.  

Whether you are building a pool, transforming your entire backyard, or adding landscaping, it must work well in the available space,  function flawlessly, and meet your needs.   

Therefore, a professional design plan precludes every project we take on.  Our team of experts carefully measures, then executes a plan that will become the blue print for your space.   

Our comprehensive design plans are key to a successful outdoor living project

Contact us prior to March 2, 2020, partner with us on your outdoor project and we will waive the usual fee charged for design plans and renderings.

View a sampling of plans and renderings from recent projects. Click on each to view larger.

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