landscape design

landscape Design

At Outdoor Elements, landscape architecture and design is not only the first step in every project it is also considered an art form that combines respect for the land with the craft of creating a beautiful, purposeful space that serves the needs of its users.

Thoughtful landscape design is the key to a successful outdoor living project

Whether commercial or residential, our landscape designer, who has a degree in landscape architecture understands the value of a well-designed and artfully planned project

Outdoor Elements is more than a custom pool builder,  landscape company and outdoor construction firm.  Along with teams of experts in each of those areas, our true specialty is utilizing landscape design to form a cohesive and functional outdoor space representative of your vision.  Our landscape designer, who holds a degree in landscape architecture from Texas A&M University, will listen to your goals, vision and expectations before creating a professional landscape plan that will become the blueprint from which your project will be built.  

Each landscape design is a considerate response to an understanding of the environment, the surrounding architecture and the needs of the people who will utilize and inhabit the space.

Our designs:

  • Come from a client-centered perspective
  • Always keep practicality in mind
  • Produce structurally sound environments
  • Employ diverse construction techniques
  • Combine aesthetics with functionality
  • Consider environmental sustainability

Our process

Whether you are building a pool, adding a covered seating area to your high-rise patio, or building a pergola and fire pit in your backyard, it is our mission to ensure that your landscape comes to life the way you imagined it.  We follow the same tried and true process for every job.



We get to know you and your property and listen to your goals, visions and objectives for the space.   At this time, we discuss a preliminary, rough project estimate.  If we decide that will we make a great team, we collect a design fee for planning services.  See step 2.  



Our experienced, degreed, landscape designer gets to work creating your vision in AutoCAD. A detailed set of architectural plans will be used as the blueprint for the project. These plans are the guide for our team of project managers and installers and include exact dimensions, elevation & section views as well as specific details regarding all materials.



Our team of landscapers, pool builders, outdoor living construction specialists and everyone in between swings into motion working to create your vision.  During this phase, your project manager keeps in constant contact using BuilderTrend



Our project managers double check the details to ensure that plans are consistent with the finished product. Final cleaning and equipment testing take place to prepare for the big reveal.



It’s time for the big reveal. Our open and effective communication and top-notch customer service throughout ensure a successful outcome.  It’s time to enjoy your outdoor living space and become the envy of the neighborhood. 

Ready to create something beautiful?

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