Our award-winning landscape architects create lifestyle environments that combine aesthetics with functionality. The Outdoor Elements’ design team approaches each project from a client-centered perspective, personalized to meet specific needs and addressing every detail in the creation of beautiful and structurally sound environments.

A well-planned design is the first step in any outdoor project

Landscape architecture requires precise planning, designing and nurturing of natural and man-made environments.

You know that you want a relaxing outdoor space and beautiful pool, but just how will that integrate into your property? Outdoor Elements’ landscape architects consider how you will experience and use your space. We then design and plan gardens, plantings, water features, a pool, paving, stormwater management and more, to create a great outdoor experience for you. We then coordinate with our landscapers, builders, and crews to implement your design.



Come from a client-centered perspective

Always keep practicality in mind

Produce structurally sound environments

Employ diverse construction techniques

Combine aesthetics with functionality

Consider environmental sustainability


Discover > > >

We start out with extensive due diligence, asking questions and doing our research. We collaborate with builders, architects and interior designers.

Design > > >

Working as a team, we take your ideas and mesh them with ours; coming up with a design that also works with the environment.

Develop > > >

Our team of landscapers, pool builders, horticulturalists and everyone in between swings in motion working to create your vision.


It’s time for the big reveal. Our open and effective communication and top-notch customer service throughout ensure a successful outcome.

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